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We are a custom paint supplier in coatings for OEM and application requirements.

Bulk Coatings

Bulk coatings are a cost effective...

Bulk coatings are a cost effective way of applying protective finishes to various parts used in the manufacturing and industrial industries.

Direct to Metal Finishes

Protect metal parts from corrosion

Preserve your metal and steel parts from corrosion with direct to metal finishes. High performance coatings created for industrial parts applications.

Lubricious Coatings

Water based and solvent based...

Water based and solvent based lubricious coatings for industrial applications. Low heat and low friction reduces wear and makes parts more durable.

Dry Film Lubricants

Dry Film Lubricant coatings...

Dry Film Lubricant coatings protect from dirt, reduces friction and is corrosion resistant. Coatings are ideal for high temperature applications.

 Our architectural coatings and industrial maintenance coatings are compliant with EPA regulations .

High-performing OEM coatings for OEM manufacturers.

Coatings for a wide variety of consumer products. 

We offer a wide variety of coatings for manufactures and industrial coating product needs.